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ATL Crash Pad, no car needed, very nice!


Sep 14, 2007
Total Time
Atlanta’s newest and nicest crashpad! http://www.ATLpad.com
I am a Delta pilot looking for quality renters for my crashpad “The Longo Condo” which is 2 miles to ATL and one block from public transportation. This is a professional and clean crashpad; everyone is expected to be courteous of others and clean up after themselves. You can check out the website at: http://www.ATLpad.com to see photos showing how nice it really is.

Here’s some info. on the Longo Condo:
2 miles, 5 minutes from ATL airport
Brand New home (May 2008) in a safe neighborhood
Adjacent to College Park Municipal Golf Course
High Speed Wireless Internet
DSL Cable on digital flat screen TV, DVD player, DVR
Keyless entry
Deck with Gas grill
Front Porch
Full Private Bath for every bedroom
Home Gym, including Bowflex Weights and Treadmill
Fully Stocked Gourmet Kitchen
Cable TV in Bedrooms
Two bedrooms are for men. The master suite is for women.

As a guest at the Longo Condo you will have:
A safe neighborhood 2 miles from ATL airport
A quiet, clean and professional place to rest between trips
Your own bed
Your own space for personal items in the kitchen, room closet, dresser and bathroom
A Parking Space in the garage or driveway (if you have a car)

$225/mo. for line holders, $250/mo. for those on reserve.

Check out the website at: http://www.ATLpad.com for more info. If you are interested in staying, we would love to have you! Call Cheri at 919-744-5552 for more info. or email her at longocondo@gmail.com