ANR Headset help


Dec 3, 2001
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Hi all...

Just wondering if there are a few folks out there that have used some of the newer lightweight ANR headsets designed for commercial jets. I'm flying a 'classic jetliner' that was built before the designers cared much about cockpit noise and I'd like to have some hearing left by the time I retire. So far three models are frontrunners in my decision process. They are: Sennheiser 45-KA or 25-KA and Telex ANR 500. My main concerns are being able to hear the other crewmembers while eliminating wind/pack noise and comfort. Any input (good, bad, or indifferent) would be appreciated before I go laying out serious coin for something that I won't be happy with.

Fly safe.


A "SWA poolie"
Feb 1, 2002
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I fly a 727 and know what you mean about LOUD. I have used ANR headsets for 7 years. First the David Clark ANR and later the new Bose X on Jetstreams and Saabs.

When I went to the 727 I could not use the closed ear piece design.
I tried the Telax airman 750 but it was difficult to understand the other crewmembers at cruise speeds, Mach .78 to Mach 0.84.
Then I tried the molded ear piece but I didn't care for plug in my ear, 7 hours a day, and the other ear was exposed to the noise.

I looked at the Sennsheiser 25, with ANR but was concerned that I would not hear cockpit conversations. The Sales Manager at Sennsheiser said that you can cock the one ear piece back to uncover your ear to coverse. I decided against that because it was impractible to do

I use the Sennsheiser 45 (sp?) and am happy with them. They are well made and the battery life, 2AA is about 60+ hours. They have an open ear piece design but when you activate the ANR it noticably quites the wind noise.