Aloha Airlines cuts Reno-San Diego

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Nov 9, 2004
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[font=Times New Roman, Times, serif][size=+2]Aloha Airlines cuts Reno-San Diego flight[/size][/font]

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[font=Times New Roman, Times, serif][size=-1]Aloha Airlines is cutting its Reno-San Diego flight after July 5, the airline announced.

Ticketed passengers after that date will be transferred to Southwest Airlines for the Reno-San Diego route, the company announced.

Aloha began the route, which then continued to Maui, in December, the same month it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

"We had to balance all of our routes across the system," Aloha spokesman Stu Glauberman said, adding that the company is returning three aircraft that it has been leasing.

The airline said it will retain a Reno-Orange County flight that continues to Hawaii, but will change the final destination from Honolulu to Maui beginning Aug. 22.

Passengers will also have the option to switch planes in Orange County to go to other Hawaiian Island destinations.

Loss of the flight leaves Reno with only a Saturday nonstop flight to San Diego.

"The cut is disappointing, sure," said Thomas Medland, marketing and service director at Reno-Tahoe International Airport. "We've been chasing that route for a long time," he said. "We finally got in December, and now we lose it in July."