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    United Load Check

    UA 789 and UA 202, PDX DEN BNA, May 23. UA 2082 and UA 6046 PDX IAH BNA May 23. Thanks,!
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    WN buying some A gates in DEN....

    Such a tool
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    Southwest evaluates -800's

    I love it! You guys think we work sooo hard! 6 legs this, 6 legs that. 4 years, and have done that once. Oh and if we work hard we get paid more. This is hilarious to watch all the energy wasted on the same ol sh!t... P.S. I dont give a sh!t how many cities i fly to, or where those cities...
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    Air Tran Jumpseat question?

    Do u have to be at gate one hour prior? Is there a cutoff time to get on flight? Thx!
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    Well G. Dam! SWA considers INTL flying---someday, maybe, hopefully

    woah woah woah, back the train up a lil. Were "offering" a priority boarding, and you guys are "charging" for a bag. Last time I checked people are usually carrying bags, so its almost "forced" upon the pax, almost. If you dont want to board early, then dont, but to compare that to, "you dont...
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    F9 still in play

    come on... Ridiculous ? I don't think so. SWA didn't give up anything. They made a bid and it did not work out. All we had to do was weave 600 guys into a 6000 pilot list....oh yeah that makes sense. Weaving a list of pilots from a bankrupt carrier that started in mid 90's putting there...
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    More details of what really went on during the F9 auction.

    Wow! You make it too easy. There you go again wishing my furlough. I have never posted anything to show I am self absorbed. I think you must be looking in the mirror? Look, let's be friends and put a cute wink after you call out my furlough as u have been doing, cuz then it makes it right? Just...
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    More details of what really went on during the F9 auction.

    I'm so glad we were "naive" (haha), cuz I wouldn't want a negative furlough wishing, Swa hating , retard like this mr.potato head working for us! C u in den, oh yeah cheers b*tch!
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    FAPA President, "Happy with the outcome."

    You're retarded, Hows that ?
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    F9 pilots and RAH pilots plz

    What is so funny is you are arguing with one of your guys, which I think will happen more as the "details" you have been hidden from come to light. SO sad to hear you say "what little details" we've heard. Our union was very open with us, and tried to be with FAPA. Latest communication we are...
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    FAPA President, "Happy with the outcome."

    Well said! I couldn't feel more differently about Frontier ;)
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    FAPA President, "Happy with the outcome."

    Ok, and we will keep telling you we were going to have reduced lines to compensate for the 100 pilots (20%). I'd like to see the furlough offer ??? We communicated completely and sounds like your union did not for you guys. Now, you are owned and controlled by a company with no negotiations...
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    Republic wins the auction!!!

    My ego is just fine dude. Our CEO said no labor agreement, no deal. Simple as that. My opinion (which i think im allowed to have) saw this as a good opportunity for both pilot groups. Obviously FAPA did not agree with SWAPA, and it's over. I don't think the majority thought it was in the...
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    SWA / Frontier Deal Off For Now!

    ... Wow, I would be pissed if my senior captains said to staple me and they will be integrated....wow! I could see if Frontier was doing well, in the black, and prosperous with a hostile takeover looming over them. BUT, they are in bankruptcy with option B to work for a regional ? I surely...
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    Looks like I was right about the failed SWA TA

    No I don't have kids. I was happy to "give" my 2 g's back to mgmnt!(oh that was sarcastic shaftsmoker!) Geez frickin cry baby still doesn't get it...