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    Will the real "Porter" please stand up?

    So I don't have to comb through the original thread, can someone explain how it determined that Porter was a she and not a he? I read the thread on our message board and it does suck that someone was wrongfully accused.
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    Netjets layoff now??

    3 occupied legs for me today. Thought we were going to end in SJC. After we got in, found out were live to LAS in 45 minutes. Talk about a scramble. Tomorrow looks like LAS-TEB-SRQ, all occupied, and it's only day 3. Hope this trend continues, for everyone.
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    Linear Air cuts 65% of workforce...

    I'm sorry to hear that. I had a friend there and I heard it's a great place to work. What does that mean for the Eclipse operation? Are they getting rid of them? I can't imagine having only 7 pilots for 8 airplanes.
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    Week of July 21st at NetJets

    Got the call, never mind. I feel better now!
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    Heres Whats Happening At Nj Hiring...

    Not to disagree with you being a poolie myself, but during the interview, they specifically said that if you have a type in something they try to put you in the same equipment. This came up when we asked how the decide who goes in what airplane. This was during lunch with Derinda and all the Big...
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    Week of July 21st at NetJets

    Let me clarify my original question. After getting the last email that i would be contacted the week of July 21st (this week Yea!), I felt like I was being strung along. Then I saw that some folks are getting an email that they were "reviewing their qualifications" My question is: is this...
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    Week of July 21st at NetJets

    So this is my deal: Interviewed in May (no phone interview). Emailed Derinda a month later in June, got the "we're going to make an offer, waiting for the green light" reply. Got a call in early July saying I'll be contacted in 2 weeks for a start date. Exactly 2 weeks later, got the email...
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    NetJets - April interviewees Part 2

    The 2 weeks are just about up for those of us that got the call on July 3rd. Hopefully they got the training situation straightened out and class date calls go out tommorow. It's been almost 3 months. I can't feel my legs! Now where did I put that extra can of patience?
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    NetJets April Interviewees -- Hired calls or letters yet?

    Same here, got the call today, thank God. This is going to be the longest two weeks.
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    NetJets April Interviewees -- Hired calls or letters yet?

    I guess the fact that you included a class date of August 1st sparked my curiosity. It's hard to stay focused, the wait is driving my crazy!
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    NetJets April Interviewees -- Hired calls or letters yet?

    I interviewed in early May, got the unofficial "making you an offer" email but still no call. Then today I saw on two posts from folks who interviewed in late May and have start dates for July and August. I don't understand what's going on! For those without a...
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    4000 Certified

    How many 4000's does NJ have on order?
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    What do Netjets guys do on long flights

    Read a topic recently about what's not allowed in the cockpit (news papers, sudoku etc.) so that's been beaten to death. I've only flown 121 before with a locked cockpit door, so I'm curious to know what you do on a 4-7hr flight? Doesn't it get boring? How do you stay awake, get the...
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    A few more questions for Netjets drivers

    Thanks for the quick reply, one more question. Do the long range planes (G200, Citation X etc.) usually only fly the longest legs or is there a good mix of short hops in between?
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    A few more questions for Netjets drivers

    I interviewed in early May and just thought of a few things I didn't ask then. 1. Can you use the Blackberry for personal calls? 2. Assuming you supply your own headsets, is there any plane that is too loud for the Telex 750? (Like the EMB-145 I used to fly) Or do people use the Bose. 3...