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    A rumor turned out to be false? The horror!
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    Just gas.
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    Sometime in July. Takes effect Oct 1.
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    New airline pilots on the radio

    Another goodie: If by the FAF approach hasn't switched you to tower, just go ahead and switch. No need to ask when you're just a coupla miles from the runway.
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    New airline pilots on the radio

    And why do pilots ask to deviate "for weather"? What other reason could there be?
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    just flew a 3-day with "special radio voice guy"...

    Just reminded of another pet peeve. If you're inside the FAF and approach hasn't yet switched you to tower, JUST CALL TOWER ON YOUR OWN!!! You don't need to ask permission by that point. Sheesh!
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    just flew a 3-day with "special radio voice guy"...

    /rant on Unnecessary verbiage of any kind is my biggest gripe: When ATC asks, "Say speed (or mach)", just answer and DON'T say "Waddya need?" When ATC assigns you a vector "fly heading () for traffic," you DON'T respond "for traffic." And why do most pilots request a deviation "for...
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    That's a huge oversimplification. The real issue splitting the voters was the the belief that a better overall JCBA could be had by turning down this offer. The MTA was the contract that killed many QOL issues and neither way of voting was gonna bring them back. The best way to summarize my...
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    Wtf delta?

    More importantly, why do so many Delta guys use the call sign "Deltas" ??
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    USAirways off the runway at PHL

    Thanks! Nice you too.
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    USAirways off the runway at PHL

    I hope you'll be testifying at the next SLI arbitration. You'll make as good an impression as Jess did.
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    Most famous person you ever had on board ?!

    Gene Simmons (I told him goodnite in Hebrew but he didn't respond) Adam West Brian Wilson (sat in first while rest of fam in coach) Flavor Flav (a complete gentleman) Eric Cantor Pete Rose Squiggy. (From Laverne and Shirley. He's a MLB scout now) Sarah Palin Martha Stewart
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    It seems some USAPA leaders might be nervous about Arbitration...

    I was wondering the same thing. Regardless, the way treat trolls is to ignore them. It seem some here just can't resist the temptation...
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    Adios USAPA

    When the choices are "bad" or "worse" you choose "bad". Pretty funny you think USAPA has a chance at getting 50% showing-of-interest. I think I'll submit a card for alpa just to piss you off.
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    UsAirways E190 Upgrades

    No, it didn't. You'd better brace yourself because if you find the West's proposal disgusting the APA's proposals will cause this to happen to you: