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    Old Dominion Trucking Co -Thomasville NC

    Quetzalcoatl the Feathered Serpent has returned to his people! Prepare a sacrifice at once! :beer:
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    San Juan Hotel Help

    We stayed here for a cruise in 2016. Great location and no complaints. :)
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    Style Question

    None of the above. It is done to provoke silly questions. :D
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    Getting Private License... Own Plane or Not?

    Owning an airplane is much more expensive than most people realize. I recommend that you get a private license and rent various ones for several flights before you go shopping, so you don’t end up wishing that you had: a) bought a different airplane or b) not bought one at all.
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    What model is this??

    A-26 pictures remind me of Duke Elegant, the great pilot and storyteller.
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    P-3 Water injection

    Andersen AFB (Guam) had a cliff, over which an overloaded BUFF would sometimes disappear. Having gained a few more precious knots, it would slowly rise in a cloud of its own black smoke. :erm:
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    Hurricane Harvey

    If you wish to help, here is a list of charities that have good ratings for financial health and accountability/transparency. Click on a listed charity for more information about their record:
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    The Warthog abides

    Works good, lasts a long time. :)
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    65-year-old lawsuit

    I'm shocked, shocked to hear that safety is not and never has been the sole basis of FARs. Could it be that money and politics are involved too? :rolleyes:
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    Growing Pilot Shortage

    NASA didn't schedule anyone for two lunar landings, but I bounced and in the low gravity came down a mile away, so I logged one touch & go and one full stop. :D
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    Student Solo at YIP and FAA man shows up

    I remember the cow tank full of slimy green water that UPT students were thrown into after their first solo. T-41, Howard County Airport, Big Spring, Texas, 1971. :D
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    Kalitta Air TA

    Here's a good deal this weekend in MSY: :)
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    Mark your calendars!

    Not quite. Even in bankruptcy, voiding a contract requires a special procedure including Court approval (Sect. 1113). Dumping a pension requires another procedure (Sect. 1114).