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    check ride failures and majors

    How many check ride failures do majors consider unacceptable? And are all failures considered the same, for example initial ratings and cfi vs 121. Any thoughts?
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    Virgin America QOL

    Thanks for info Flyer
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    Virgin America QOL

    I dont recall exact wording but I believe it was along the lines of our team will evaluate your application blah blah...I guess I will hurry up and wait!
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    Virgin America QOL

    I took the online test yesterday,what time frame is typical to find out if you get an email asking you to complete a questionaire?and secondly, are you advised if you were unsuccessful passing the online test?Thanks
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    Question for Delta Pilots

    Union and company have acknowledged that delta would not be opposed to a flow however it would not be like the nwa flow they would require some restrictions or the option to decline certain pilots.apparently it is an effort to move the senior 9e on thereby reducing the staffing costs and giving...
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    US Airways Pilot Pool and Hiring

    When airways opened the app window earlier this year what were the mins,degree required etc?
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    Dtw mem commute?

    thanks guys for the info...i used to be a mco dtw commuter and that suuuuuucked but sounds like dtw mem could be worse!
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    Dtw mem commute?

    Hi guys, I may have to do the dtw mem dtw commute soon and wanted any info on your experience from xj or 9e guys thanks
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    CRJ Pilots

    no manuals for you osama!
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    Mesaba loses 13 more Saabs.

    whats your source capt murf?...i heard something similar a little while ago via maintenance
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    What Percentage of FA's Have Known STDs

    yeah what a dork...obviously he cant get any fa action so thats why hes pissed...bitter and twisted is no way to go thru life!...
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    Any news about Mesaba???

    we are 110 pilots heavy at the mo...i bet realignment notice to come very soon cos i dont think to many old guys are gonna take the early out
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    10 ex freedom 900's go to asa not mesaba

    oh yeah...the 5 900's xj are getting are going to flown as of feb 19th outta salt lake city!!, dal loves to mix the pot...
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    10 ex freedom 900's go to asa not mesaba

    vacancy award for 24 new 900 capts hv been canx because the 15 ex freedom 900s mesaba were expecting hv been cut to 5...the 10 are going to asa as part of a deal because asa are losing some 50 memo from xj .
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    Spirit Jumps Listing

    i travel spirit all the time and i know your frustration with the agents cos the dont seem comfortable or know how to list a jumpseater..however i recently got this number from a spirit pilot and it speeds the whole process.....954 447 8008..tell em you are an offline jumpseater..good luck