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    anti-union website
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    Whch would you rather fly?

    I flew the 145 at Chautauqua. It was a piece of crap, and I had to get out of that place mostly because of the people. Now I fly the 700, which is a better performer, but nothing climbs like a do-jet!
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    Pinnacle Guys Have You Seen the Wigman?

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    Pinnacle guys answer me this

    Has anyone seen the wigman? Seriously. His initials are MM
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    Pinnacle Guys Have You Seen the Wigman?

    Actually he has really long hair he tucks up into the wig. He does it for wierd reasons. His initials are MM. Sorry for not including that
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    Pinnacle Guys Have You Seen the Wigman?

    Hey Pinnacle folks. I once saw this first officer for you all walking through LGA wearing a hideous wig. Appearantly this man is a legend! Heard he did stints at CHQ and TSA?!? Does he still work there if so where is he based I must camp out to catch another glimpse of this speciman.
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    So where is Chucky boy on the Mesa seniority list?
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    RAH lowers mins and increases training pay

    Actually there have been several instances of negativity from XJT in IAH. But you in your triple-seventy wouldn't know jack ********************, bra.
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    Dont get mad at Express!!

    Uhh.. Except that XJT doing them at cost. Delta is broke and bankrupt the went for cheap ala Freedom. Then again Expressjet has the best 600 hour pilots EVER. Just ask
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    Whats the latest news At GoJet?

    I left Chautauqua to work at GoJets. Call me what you want, but any one of you would have done the same thing in my position. I wont be treated like a child, and Chautauqua was definately not the place for me.
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    CHQ nose gear failure!

    I know Dulles I used to fly there at Independence. I had a captain try to land with the gear up but I took over the plane and saved the day.
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    Republic Bought Comair

    Back at Independance we didn't need to buy anyone to save our flying. We just bloody went on our own!!