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    Southwest "Captain" WTFO?

    Southwest "Captain" .... He said he was with SWA 8 years. That would put him as a 'Lance' Captain status. Meaning that he is a First Officer (notice the 3 stripes), but he is Captain qualified. Top 8% of the F/O list. He therefore flies a F/O line, but can pick up Captain trips in open...
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    Cal & Amr

    Listen, if anyone on this forum knows any history with AMR, then you will know that AMR will in fact get in the mix if for no other reason than to raise the price of a purchase to make the purchase more expensive for their competitors. AMR does not care about consolidating with CAL, but...
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    SWA Gets More Cautious For '08

    OK friend, sounds like you have a hair or two up your ass and you are trying to pick a fight. I'm not taking the bait, so I will stop responding to you. My response was to correct the impression that we have furloughed pilots in the past. We have not!! We can argue all day whether...
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    SWA Gets More Cautious For '08

    Well, all I remember is that the word 'furlough' has never been used to describe the seniority list at SWA. Perhaps your friend's interpretation of his class being delayed or postponed is where his idea of furlough came from. Not taking anything away from what he told you. He may in fact have...
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    SWA Gets More Cautious For '08

    Don't believe this is true. I was on the bottom of the list from 1978-1979. No furloughs during my time then or since. We did reduce flying once to keep all pilots on board, can't exactly remember which year.
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    Corporate to Majors?

    corporate to majors I don't know who "everyone" is, but their advice is garbage. The airlines are looking primarily for total time, and in particular PIC in Jet equipment. No matter if background is civil or military. Don't let the civilian vs. military crowd sway you. Get in the left...