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    Hey Positive Space riders!!!

    Only FOs...
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    Hey Positive Space riders!!!

    Horizon's contract requires FO's to fly in the jumpseat if the back is full. Please don't hold it against us if it ever happens to you.
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    SkyWest to open a CRJ PDX and SEA base in July

    Plus medical/dental
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    Q400 Rates on the horizon for SkyWest?

    Horizon is pretty much finished because after 11 years not one regional has had the balls to come close to their pay scale. Even Mesaba's "industry leading" contract used qx's q4 pay scale for 900s and went down from there.
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    Q400 Rates on the horizon for SkyWest?

    I'm sure they will wait for Horizon to finalize its rates and then set their rates 10 percent below those.
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    100% Safety Campaign!

    My favorite story along these lines is a captain who wrote up a missing "T" on the PTT label. :)
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    QX to JNU and DUT

    I think the Sheriff would pull you over for speeding :) The mightiest of Dashs' Apu doesn't run in the air.
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    HARD landings Read the article, this guys PR people must be good.
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    Cancellation Pay

    Horizon has no trip gurantee. We do get a day room
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    I Think Its About Time

    Unfortunately, this kind of kneejerk crap usually originates from both sides of the aisle. Congress people would rather write these simple minded bills than work on the hard stuff.
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    Suppy and Demand and Unionized labor

    The CEO of our company gave a pep talk to our recurrent class a couple years ago and some young pilot acutually thanked him for coming in and telling us how airlines really worked; he then mentioned how he was tired of hearing everyone complain about crappy work conditions.
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    Realistic Time Frame for new contract at RAH?

    So are you guys going to try and get horiozon+ pay scales. Rumor I heard is that your negotiators thought they were too high?
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    When should our flight pay start?

    I think that this would be great tactic. I'm sick of people thinking I make twice as much as I do because my hourly is so high. Imagine a colgan or lynx FO telling someone they make $10-14/hr to fly a 30 ton aircraft.
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    Horizon CR7s - How Soon For Phase Out?

    According to AAG, Horizon plans on having 48 aircraft when the CRJs are gone. They don't plan on replacing all the 700s with q400's. If you do your adds and take aways that leaves room for only ~480 pilots if they don't change their plans. I hope the CRJs stay on property for a while so I can...
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    SkyWest Q400's

    Unfortunately, no it doesn't..............