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    possible cessna part time lead in NY/LI area

    They may be looking for a part time Cessna 210/206 pilot for charter in the NYC/Long Island area. Commercial/Intrument/Multi Must meet 135 VFR/IFR requirements Email is
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    need free site for Air Charter quote

    On any of our Global Express jets, between 120k-140k. That's with just one RON and before catering, flight phones, or internet usage.
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    Booking dead legs

    Try I use them to fill in the blanks.
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    On the roll???

    The fact that the call back was mumbled is the only real issue here. As previously state "on the roll" tells ATC that an aircraft cleared for take off is going with no delay, Although the read back should have also stated "cleared for take-off". Have you not heard ATC say "Flight123 cleared...
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    fixed wing to rotor transition

    Thanks for the reading suggestions. Mr. Cobra, ease up their mate, choppers and helis are common terms outside the states. If that's not something your used to and it bothers you so much you keep posting about it, well thats your own personal battle mate. fly safe
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    fixed wing to rotor transition

    I'm interested in adding rotor craft to my certificate. My company has a few choppers and I have the chance to get some time in them. I was wondering if anyone can recommend some good books on the transition. Thanks
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    B58 Baron Job

    The time is an open pilot insurance requirment
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    Pilot Wanted in Africa

    80-100k to fly that POS. Must be doing heroin runs.
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    Aztec pilot needed ASAP $300-500 a day..

    tathepilot that avatar is hysterical.
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    Wanted: Twin Time

    Go down to your local airport and network. The more people you know in aviation the better off you'll be. Never sell yourself short and fly for free. As previously stated it's bad for business. Even though you don't have enough time for 135, go apply to some regionals. Your over qualified to be...
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    sirius radio

    I also use the Stiletto in the airplanes. The battery life could be longer even tho it comes with two. Like mtsu_av8er said you need to position the antenna just right to get the signal. I want to talk MX into installing some car docks for it in some of the planes. Can't wait till Sirius and XM...
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    is anyone looking for C-402 135 cargo job?

    $125 a day? Good luck with that guy!
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    "With you"

    Not a regional pilot but this is a thread??? $hit they let anyone fly an airplane these days...........
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    The Lanyard Police

    I happen to wear a Grey Goose lanyard. Have done so a few years now. Never heard boo from anyone. Not much for vodka, I got it from a rep. I would like to have a Patron Silver one instead. Nothing beats that last glass of Patron before the 8hrs.
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    Cellular Pilot?????

    I do remember those but I haven't seen them around these days. We keep AC-U-KWIK in our aircraft. Yes they are small and bulky but I think you can also get it on your PDA or cell too.