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    When will the SWA DB meet again?

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    SWA and references

    Does anyone know how far after the swa interviews does southwest call the references (i.e. closer to the decision board or soon after the interview)
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    ?Average length of time until SWA class date?

    What is the average length of time from when you get the call from Southwest to when your class starts assuming you have the 737 type rating?
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    SWA still making calls this year?

    I'm glad to know that they are still calling/emailing people-I guess the rumor that they are waiting until the beginning of the year to call people in for interviews is just a rumor...anyone else have any input??
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    SWA still making calls this year?

    Does anyone out there know if Southwest is still making calls for interviews or if they stopped for the year??
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    So how was the SWA open house?

    I could not make it-any highlights worth mentioning??