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    Tell KCM to stick it

    KCM came out with new rules. They want us to be required to wear a uniform when passing thru their checkpoints and they want to implement even more random checks Which basically defeats the whole purpose of going thru all the BS that was required to get KCM in the first place. I suggest every...
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    Flexjet phildo

    You guys BLEW any chance you may have ever had at a good wage and QOL. No reason to whine you all got what you asked for. Or at least about 70% of you. Looks like coal in your stockings HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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    Vote will be counted right now

    Wow. Talk about punching out at right time LMAO. You decent guys are screwed. See ya suckers
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    NJA Pilot for DECERT

    Guys. There’s 3 days left. All the votes have been cast. The outcome is already determined they just haven’t counted the vote yet. Either way you can look at this as a win. Union stays it’s a win. Union goes 2NN house of cards starts to collapse it’s a win. 2N May win the battle but he’s gonna...
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    seems theres someone in this little circle of trust that can't be trusted. who leaked the photo to the masses in the first place? "No honor among thieves". This type of behavior is completely against 2N core values. So lets see what action he is taking about that!! Offering 10K to catch the...
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    What does Frank really think of the Netjets Pilots?

    When was there any type of apology? I missed that !!! And for Frank and Beans to attack the Net jet guys is so out of line it’s ridiculous. He just made 3000 enemies. What a DUMB A$$. His narcissism has reached a all time high.
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    What does Frank really think of the Netjets Pilots?

    He really is the dumbest man on the planet
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    Some NetJets Pilots getting unsolicited job info from Flex/FO

    Hahahahahahaha. That’s funny. Contracts are legal documents that have a lot of grey interpretation. Just ask 2NN I believe that was pretty close to a quote straight from the horses teeth’s mouth
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    Before Frank sold his soul

    Flops has used checkrides and upgrades as a way of punishing pilots since day one. That’s their M.O. ask any of the old check airman they have got fed up with being told. Hey joe pilot called fatigue last week. And his checkride is next month. Make sure it’s a thorough one. Wink wink
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    This will probably be my last post here for a long time if not ever.( unless someone really stupid posts something that really pisses me off) I no longer have a horse in this race and after 18 long miserable years it feels great. The outcome of this election has already been decided. The votes...
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    Best ways to leave Flexjet

    I would not say. This company management has a habit of making phone calls to new employers trying to get guys fired. That’s the Fanily CULTure. Hey but their not VINDICTIVE!!!!!
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    Best ways to leave Flexjet

    This place has such a bad reputation in the industry that it doesn’t matter. Got the call I’m Gone. But I won’t be giving notice ether. Why would I ? So they can cut my pay 2 weeks early. Start class June 4th. At least my vote will count. Any good ideas how I should exit stage left ????
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    Teamsters = Professional Pilots ????

    This is 100% truth. Most guys that have given notice. The day they gave notice the company has terminated them on the spot. Thats the FAMILY CULTure. I won't be giving any when I leave.