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    Spirit Airlines: Updates

    I spoke too soon.... Clearly.
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    Spirit Airlines: Updates

    I can't think of a single major issue in more than 6 months... Guess I've been lucky.
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    PHL Thanksgiving

    I just want to thank the guys in the tower at PHL who offered to share Thanksgiving dinner with us as we taxied in last night! If we had just had a little more time, we would have figured out how to get over there! Thanks y'all! NK484
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    FAA bans personal use of PEDs by pilots

    They were asleep anyway, not on their computers..... Everyone knows this....
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    I can't make this up, SPIRIT classless advertisement

    Color me curious...
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    Spirit now requiring 500 hours part 121/135 TPIC

    IDK... Crystal balls never work, but.... We are at 2.5 yrs right now, having added 16 aircraft in 2012/2013.... Plans to add 25 aircraft in 2014/2015.... Admittedly, I haven't actually done the math, but it sure looks like under 2 yrs to me....
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    Spirit Instituting $5 Cowl Fee

    Only when someone feels the need to point a bony little finger! Seriously... all in good fun- really hope no one gets his feelers hurt!
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    Spirit now requiring 500 hours part 121/135 TPIC

    FWIW- my understanding is that this is a requirement to attend the job fair- not to apply to Spirit.... I know that attending a job fair has been helpful to some, but not the only way people are getting hired.
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    Spirit Instituting $5 Cowl Fee

    I won't get into the whole "your" vs "you're" thing.... We can call that a gimme....
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    Spirit Instituting $5 Cowl Fee

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    Spirit Instituting $5 Cowl Fee

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    So... What did the previous airline mergers give up?

    "Hastily Posted..." Now THATS funny....
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    Anyone Jumpseated on Spirit?

    Don't use the main res number.... There is a different number for JSers, it's listed on APC.
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    It's not gonna be JetBlue.

    I was kinda wondering the same thing....
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    6/18 Spirit Class?

    Dunno... I had close to 10k hrs, 2-3k turbine pic, 5 types; incl a320.... Consider myself very fortunate....