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    You won the internet today. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Netjets and Flight Safety are sister companies. We had some middle-management from the safety department and training department move across the street to Flight Safety a few months ago. It was well before this crisis started. We’ve also had Flight Safety people move over to Netjets. We trade...
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    You guys are falling hook line and sinker for the Imback guy. Lol Hes obviously flaming everyone and probably getting a good kick out of the replies. Not an ounce of truth from him. Entertaining though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Rumor... NJA... Rumor

    If it goes to 2016, the company has to follow a list of rules about 10 pages long that all benifit us. Not such a bad deal.
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    Net Jets Home Basing? Will it come back?

    Sounds good to me!
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    Net Jets Home Basing? Will it come back?

    Maybe its not about opening up more "domiciles" Maybe it is, like BO said, a long term fix... We need to change the way the contract reads even if they do open more domiciles, for instance...The ability to change domiciles every 3 months as the HBA folks do now. Just one small example. The...
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    Net Jets Home Basing? Will it come back?

    If we can get everyone to say that it would be!
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    Net Jets Home Basing? Will it come back?

    Actually it can't hurt to apply now. We will know what happens in Oct before anyone who applies now gets hired so its really a no risk situation. If nothing changes, don't take the interview...
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    NetJets Indoc 6 Aug.

    I'm in the 2000 and don't do much bag humpin. Give the line guys 5 dollars and let them do it for you. Its fully reimbursed...
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    Net Jets Home Basing? Will it come back?

    Not according to BO and RTS...In the Hangar meeting they said absolutely NO pilots would be displaced from their HBA if they expanded domiciles...
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    Where do you put catering?

    When I was flyin the lears thats pretty much where we had to put the food. If it wasn't too crowded i'd just leave it packaged and put it in a forward facing seat and just try to make a nice smooth take off...Certainly no storage in those things!
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    anyone get out of the Chautauqua training contract?

    I never worked for Chataqua but I had an 18,000 dollar contract before I came to Netjets, and my lawyer settled it for 1,500...I only paid him 500, so 2K total. I had some circumstances in my favor though so don't know if that is the status quo.
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    NetJets Places Order For 96 New Aircraft

    RTS told our recurrent class it wasn't happening. He said they looked at flying some sports teams, but they go to the low bidder and tear up the equipment and after some research he said it wasn't the kind of business we were looking for.
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    NetJets G200 Flight Attendants

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    Netjets back to HBA and Gateway?

    If I wanted to be home everynite, i wouldn't have become a pilot...