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    Gestapo tactics at F.I.

    I am just messing with you. Someone step up and stop leaving us hanging and let us know what thread is missing. Its nice to see the websitemaster in a thread and duking it out with us.
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    Gestapo tactics at F.I.

    This thread is specifically talking about censorship on the boards. My posts are within that topic.
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    Gestapo tactics at F.I.

    The Websitemaster and Moderators have sole discretion as to the determination of propriety and content of all posts entered onto the board. Consider them the Supreme Court of I guess they do whatever they want. Censorship is no fun. Posts that don't hurt anyone should not be...
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    Gestapo tactics at F.I.

    This does not happen at [CENSORED]. Can I say that? My other post was deleted!
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    How to find job info on the internet...especially for newbies

    List of Aviation Employment Websites
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    Astar announces new hire class in Oct.

    I know for a fact that FlyinBoxes is jealous of no one, and he never seems tired. He is a stand up guy defending a company he is proud to work for. General, if DL is so great, why are you spending time on an ASTAR thread slamming everyone who works there (and ABX too). I would think if you...
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    Telex Airman ANR 850 Aviation Headset - No Reserve
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    Astar announces new hire class in Oct.

    It is still pretty easy to get 4 weeks off using one week of vacation though. Try getting that at Delta! If you want lots of time off and good pay, and don't mind being a "plumber" for a while then apply! It is a great gig!
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    ASTAR takes the first steps

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    All that big news and they still added one more day to retro pay!
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    Capital Cargo out of MCO?????

    50% international...
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    Capital Cargo out of MCO?????

    Add them to the list too!
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    Did SWA decision board meet??

    Got the letter :(
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    SWA Classes

    Hey moderators, can we start a pool list like FI had back in 2003?
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    SWA Class Dates

    Does SWA run classes every month?