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    Republic Airlines questions?

    got best or second best contract in the industry now......
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    Ted Cruz attacks Airline Pilot Profession

    cruz has no chance...he's a nut case
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    Republic TA
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    New airline pilots on the radio

    who cares. you sound like you're on a middle school rant. some of those things are just lightening up the mood and treating atc like they are a human being, not a computer.
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    Republic Airlines questions?

    Been here 12 years. Any questions on the interview process or what it's like here if you get the job? Let me know. Happy to help.
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    New Delta TA 06/2015

    what are the details on scope? Please don't trade away planes for a fat paycheck. It's embarassing DL has full 3 hour RJ flights.
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    Foreign to FAA type conversion

    they tuuk err jobs!!! :)
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    Ripped jeans, American new hire class photo

    at least us white guys have a shot of getting a job somewhere. No extreme career shortcuts for us :)
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    Southwest Airlines pilot union activates its strike preparedness committee

    no wonder they aren't requiring the type for an interview anymore.
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    why is United so cheap?

    The other day on a quick turn, grabbed a banana from the basket onboard. The FA kindly mentioned how united only stocks 2 bananas a flight. I had thought enough were stocked to warrant grabbing one. There's half a dozen First class seats- why does UAL think that 2 pieces of fruit are enough...
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    Major Airline Captains, would you recommend career to your son/daughter?

    Funny you ask it from captains. A major airline captain is the last person to ask. They got the easiest job and at the farthest removed from the current reality of this industry. Better to ask a regional captain or a new legacy fo.
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    Call to Action... Our futures

    Yeah. Why are you worried about middle East when cheap ass Ryan air is coming?
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    SWA Removes B737 Type Requirment

    a big "Eff you" to higher power. It's like those that run the sham business airline pilot apps site- profiting off unscrupulous practices in this industry is a horrible way to make a living.
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    Calling out UAL management practices

    an open letter to Jeff Smisek from Ralph Nader, posted 2/14/2015 on Jeff Smisek, CEO United Airlines, Inc. PO Box 06649 Chicago, IL 60606-0649 Dear Mr. Smisek, Two stories have come to public attention about your airline, which invites some serious introspection by you...
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    Denver Tower withholding gust information

    Read the first paragraph. Those that ran the study have no clue what they're doing. And 27 knots ain't that bad. I'm not saying dia hasn't done anything wrong, but this report is crap