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    Has much changed at Frontier?

    Wow! you two are delusional, Lynx was a dump from the start. Good work rules? I think you need to look at the "Pilot Handbook" and then read express jet's contract. I think you have both been beaten into submission. The only good thing at Lynx was the last Chief Pilot, but by then the...
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    Pagan, Wiccan, Druid worship area at USAFA

    Aircobra, You are saying how great the American system is and how it was helped formed by religion. I dont know how you can forget that black men and women had to sit at the back of a bus and couldnt drink from a white water fountain in the US until what? the 1950's, 1960's? If 90% of the...
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    Pagan, Wiccan, Druid worship area at USAFA

    I think you will find that the majority of atheists don't care what you believe in. You can dress your garden up with as many Santa claus lighted figures as you want. Its your property do what you want. Most of the complaints that you mention come from other religious organizations that feel...
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    Pagan, Wiccan, Druid worship area at USAFA

    Propcapt, I am trying to understand christian beliefs, do you believe everything in the bible? That noah put every animal in the world on a boat and sailed away? The earth was made in seven days and man was walking around. Where do dinosaurs fit in with all of this? Was Adam walking around...
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    Pagan, Wiccan, Druid worship area at USAFA

    Most Kids get told a stork delivers babies through the bedroom window, but as we get older and less naive/gullible we grow out of these stories and learn the truth.
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    Pagan, Wiccan, Druid worship area at USAFA

    I am always amazed that creationists just seem to delude themselves and say “where is the evidence” Go to a museum! Go and see! Australopithecus Homo habilis Homo erectus Homo sapiens You can see the migration if you want to, or you can just close your eyes and convince yourself that it...
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    Lynx going UTU?

    Its not easy to get a union vote started especially when management is on a witch hunt to find out who is doing the organizing. Then we have to ask the pilot group to have faith in ALPA when ALPA have stated they don’t want to represent us. I don’t want to vote in a union that sees us as a...
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    Lynx going UTU?

    You really are not getting it. ALPA didn't want us. Why would we get a union that doesn't want us? We were trying to get cards from ALPA that we could sign. One of our pilots even went to Washington and approached Prater personally to try and get an ALPA drive going. ALPA was not...
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    Lynx going UTU?

    Nope, ALPA wasn't willing to represent us. Numerous people approached ALPA over a 8 month stretch. They didn't want anything to do with us. With that I lost the little faith I had left in ALPA.
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    Frontier Adds More Destinations (Lynx & Republic Benefit Too)

    Lynx was approved by the FAA 2 days ago to fly west without the dog legs. It has taken a year to sort out. There has been sim tests and flight tests over the mountains to prove the system. The lack of O2 and escape routes is no longer a factor.
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    Lynx Pay and Benefits

    Hmmmm, No. try again. Get it right next time.
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    Lynx Aviation - - Newly certified Airline!

    I must be in the wrong place, I thought this was flight info where everyone bitched, and wrote about how "I fly a better plane than you" and "My plane has better colours than yours" oh and "I don't like that you have a picture of an animal on the tail" Nice to see something positive. Ok I am...
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    Vacations CX @ Mesa!

    Mesa's contract allows them to cancel vacation "once scheduled, vacation may be canceled by the company only as the needs of the service require," Page 21. H 1 of the contract I guess attrition and pilots timing out is a good enough reason. So ALPA and the pilots can't do anything...
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    FAA to JAA?

    you need a jaa multi ppl. You dont need to do 14 written exams. thats for a Fronzen ATPL. You have a FAA cert, so you have to do 2 easy written tests. and a radio exam. couple hours flight training and a flight test. thats all. you can do the multi at naples. in florida. or...
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    Lynx Interview

    You know what they pay. So come on what are you? Are you one of the old bitter crusty guys at piedmont who is waiting for a call from usairways? Or are you a FO who has been there for years, and is still years away from upgrade so cant leave and give up that seniority, while deep down wishing...