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    Another ASA Gear Up ...BTR

    this... hahaha
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    Serious Alternatives to SureJet

    +1 for Atlantic Jet, and Atlantic Express
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    From all appearances, one of the Great Ones at luv resigning today

    just heard this over at AT and thought it was an april fools joke...
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    "Southwest says AirTran deal can be home run"

    Certainly hoping for the best...
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    AirTran Interviews

    Update: Looks like November will definitely be the last of the newhire classes... only 7 true "newhires"
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    AirTran Interviews

    Even split 12 717 & 12 737 for the October 18th class. Won't know about November until it gets a little closer.
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    AirTran Interviews

    quoted for truth.
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    AirTran Interviews

    No problem :)
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    AirTran Interviews

    Update... Half of the November class is filled, the other half will be filled by upcoming interviews.
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    AirTran Interviews

    That I don't know.. if I hear something I'll pass it along. I know they were interviewing as of 2 weeks ago.
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    AirTran Interviews

    There will be a November class.
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    FAA To Change Age Retirement Rules For Air Traffic Controllers

    like with the age 65 rule, all this does is prevent a mass retirement for an additional 5 years.. bad for the people trying to get into the job, but good for people who are already in...
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    AirTran Interviews

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    AirTran Groundschools

    word on the street is no additional newhire classes after the october 18th class... as with anything, it's always subject to change.. they're not stopping doing interviews.
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    AirTran Interviews

    don't get too excited. word has it that newhire classes will not run after october.