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    Is Kalitta still hiring?

    Hey Guys- Do you get Business Class travel at Kalitta when positioning around the world? Thanks in advance.
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    Aviation has changed what now???? staplerer.......
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    Evergreen Sonair

    HAAAHAAAHAAAAA! Too funny. It's a shame they are so embarrassingly unattractive....
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    Pilot Pay in Alaska

    500 and 2 is great. When the weather's bad go IFR. When the weather's really bad, go VFR! The pay is sufficient. Enjoy the flying.
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    Yeah. Don't turn left at Mendenhall. Or dilly-dally on the missed! Enjoy your trip.
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    What's up at Gemini?

    Are you guys drinking and typing again?
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    Torn ALC

    About three months. Try your best not to be in a hurry, or you could really compromise the surgery. (And then you can do it all over again!) Best of Luck.
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    Great lakes

    Does Great Lakes hire into the left seat? What are upgrade times?
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    Key lime or pipeline

    Single pilot IFR, multi etc. gets my vote. Day VFR doesn't mean too much to me unless it's SE Alaska...but then again, I don't do the hiring around this joint.
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    Tradewinds Goes Teamsters

    Glad to hear it. Did the change of ownership ever materialize? Heard some American voices over Macau the other night, figured it was you guys. Best of Luck.
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    Another Great Lakes Jumpseat question

    Thanks for the info, Cardinal. I'm there!
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    Another Great Lakes Jumpseat question

    Hey Guys- Been thinking about moving to Riverton, Wy and was wondering about jumpseating with you to Denver from there once or twice a month. Are your flights usually full/do they cancel much? Would you say it's fairly easy/hard?Thanks for the info.
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    Tradewinds Airlines

    Best of luck to you guys at TDX. I hope to hear about the good news next week.
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    Tradewinds Airlines

    Scumbag Non-Union Bottom of the Barrel 36th street Zoo Cargo Outfit. Furloughed twice in 14 months, training and travel on days off, many crewmembers have no flying skills whatsoever, paychecks always wrong. Don't know how they stay in business.
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    Beech 99 Pilots

    Does Freightrunners ever hire part-time guys?