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    fraud among foreign pilots...a US case

    Counterfeit parts was just a hypothetical example, but in that case I would probably start by filing form F145-5, Un-airworthy condition report, with the CAAC. If I was afraid of reprisals, I would do it anonymously. If that didn't work I would contact the airframe or engine...
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    fraud among foreign pilots...a US case

    Be a man and do the right thing. If the airline were using counterfeit parts, or if the mechanics had no training, wouldn't you report it? Your passengers are real people, with real families, and deserve action on your part.
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    Going to Phoenix? $1,000 reimbursement...

    Do you know about Pet Airways? They have a flight to PHX on Feb.7th.
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    Get some B@@ls and turn off the seatbelt sign!

    Nothing really, I just threw that in there to set the scene and make the point that the pax were pretty fed up already before even getting on the plane. And they didn't just forget about it, the captain made a PA announcement when they leveled off saying that they would leave it on for awhile...
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    Get some B@@ls and turn off the seatbelt sign!

    Departure was already delayed an hour and a half before we boarded, then it took an hour and twenty minutes to taxi to the runway at JFK. During the two hour flight to ORD they didn't turn the seatbelt sign off once, even though it was as smooth as silk the whole way. Do you think that people...
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    Ryanair pilots to subsidize lower air fares

    Ryanair certainly does evoke strong emotions on both sides of the pond, but I'm not biased and it's not my opinion. If you are interested enough to browse through hundreds of pages on the subject, try looking at A quick search on their "what is your take home pay" thread results in...
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    Ryanair pilots to subsidize lower air fares

    This is rather interesting considering Ryanair's pilots are some of the highest paid in Europe and some of the highest paid pilots in the world for that matter. I don't know who told you that, but it's rubbish. They might have been relatively well paid when their stock and the pound sterling...
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    Age 65 effective today

    Aren't there any airlines with a mandatory retirement age written into the contract?
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    ALL Flying will performed by AA pilots

    It's been done before About ten years ago the pilots of KLM's regional airline, KLM Cityhopper, were merged onto the mainline senority list, and all positions were made eligible for bid by both groups. There were significant problems, including a lawsuit by a group of regional pilots who...
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    Who is the biggest loser you have flown with?

    Back in the commuter days I had an relatively mature FO who wasn't dangerous or anything, just a little slower than most. One day this check airman, who had it in for the older guy, comes along for a ride, and in the middle of the flight berates my FO for not saying "thank you" to the...
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    Lake Tahoe

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    Polar pilots - would you take me on the Jumpseat?

    The two airlines are operationally separate and almost nothing has changed since the merger, except that the combined company is making lots of money :) . We do not expect our flight operations to be merged in the near future; to do so would possibly jeopardize our rights under certain...
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    Polar pilots - would you take me on the Jumpseat?

    Thanks everybody for the advice and the link to their website; if I want to try in the future I'll give their ops a call and see what they say. Big Al is right, I work for KLM.
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    Polar pilots - would you take me on the Jumpseat?

    Hi guys, just a question: I am a US citizen who flys for a major European flag carrier. I commute from ORD to AMS, usually on my own airline but it would be really convenient to go on Polar from time to time, especially on the way back. Our pilots are not in CASS, and we cannot reciprocate at...
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    Overseas contract

    And I would check up on the tax situation if you are a US citizen. My understanding is that US citizens are liable for US taxes no matter where they reside in the world, although the first 80k is not taxed and foreign taxes paid can be deducted.