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    International jumps eat pinnacle, Delta flt

    Pinnacle was eaten??????
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    Fed Bust the guy next to you ..

    Do the right thing. It will work out in the end.
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    Super senior Regional Airline pilots

    Back when I was flying the AVRO..............did you know I flew a 4-engine jet??
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    1261 days to go!

    "Time to look into that reverse mortgage..."
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    What is Mesabas and Compass travel benifits?

    Wow, they must have been AWESOME if they are being lowered to the Mesaba level....
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    Saabs at TLH

    Sorry, I was just referencing the Mesaba history page about the 1997 deal. My bad. I am sure CPTMURF is right, he is a good dude.
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    Saabs at TLH

    Mesaba has been in MEM since 1997.
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    Saabs at TLH

    Mesaba has been open for 65 years this year. The new interiors on the SAAB look nice as well.
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    ASA April Lines

    Wow, it must suck to have a job right now. I am sure the furloughed guys would not even want to come back with those lines...
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    J/S to Turks and Caicos

    Trying to make it down to Turks and Caicos in the middle part of May. I have never jumpseated internationally, I am not sure if I have to list ahead of time. US Air and American are the only two that fly there. Just seeing if someone can give some insight into the procedures for going about...
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    ASA to retire the ATR-72.

    Why is there a happy face on this thread?
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    DTW Pad Needed Starting in March.

    little help please...
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    DTW Pad Needed Starting in March.

    Need crashpad starting in March. Prefer close to the aerodrome, and transportation would be a help. Thanks for the help. Ryan 318-245-3419 or PM
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    Turbojet vs. Turboprop time at majors.

    A33 is better.
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    CFI Initial at FSDO?

    BTR FSDO baby! Try and get as much gouge as you can. That helps the most.