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    Flexjet phildo

    Such Debbie Downers. SNL reference. This will play out on its own. Let it go guys. Flex Options is the Titanic. Just sit back and watch the show. You reap what you sow. Be thankful we got out when we could. The rest, karma is a b1tc4
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    No Teamsters at Flexjet!

    A 1000 pilots at Flex by the end of 2020, yeah right. We’ll be watching to see how this fine leadership team does
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    The Queen?
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    What does Frank really think of the Netjets Pilots?

    I’d have to disagree. It’s a tie between Woelke, Ricci, Handjob, Phil Dumbiss, Page, and the list goes on. They are all pretty dumb in my opinion
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    The Same 30 Pilots - The 6%ers

    This ^^^^^. Is the truth
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    This ^^^^
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    Fears and Visions

    Yeah, I never even got the courtesy of a fake call with any consideration. I was simply passed over and had 30 Options transfers, junior to me, who were placed as captain on those aircraft.
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    Fears and Visions

    The union is not preventing KR & co. from doing the right thing and improving the work environment. Do you honestly think the union would turn down improvements? The good times that you are reminiscing about, were for me at least, a time before KR was at the helm. Things were pretty good under...
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    The One Sky Truth

    I have left this silliness far behind me and feel sorry for the good guys to fly with still stuck there. Was starting over tough, yes. Financially, it was a kick in the nads. Second year pay, I’m already ahead of where I left off at Flex, work way less and have more days off. When I interviewed...
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    If the 1108 goes away...

    I’m still baffled how someone could take a company from being a great place to work, to being a complete $41t show with a handful of guys willing to sell their souls at the expense of their fellow employees. Unbelievable
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    Servant Heart

    Flew with someone this week that asked where I worked before here. I said Flexjet. He said he has a friend that just got hired there. I just laughed and said, he’ll regret that. He asked why naturally, and I replied, where do I even start. He said his frind was told he’ll upgrade in a year. Then...
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    Servant Heart

    Man am I glad I don’t have to put up with that horse S$1t anymore
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    Delta private jets

    I had a friend there about 4 years ago. He said it was a terrible experience
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    Had enough yet?

    RH stop lying? That’s funny, I don’t care who you are. That’s all he knows how to do. He’s like Jon Lovitz, pathological liar
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    Flex bid Gone

    That is correct 8 days were in secondary bases. I’d be interested in knowing the percentage of pilots that still live in one of those 5 bases vs how many live in the secondary. If you don’t think making 8 days green for all to bring in equality to the group as a hole, you’re dreaming. What...