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    Landing mins

    91 look and see?
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    FAA Needs to Adopt New Safety Measures to Prevent Future Airline Crashes!

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    B737-800 Manuals

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    Colgan Air (Lacrosse)

    sounds like my kind of outfit. I'll fit right in!
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    Chinese LCCs

    Anyone fly/flew for Eva Air in Taiwan.... curious of their experiences and QOL in Taiwan.
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    Expressjet ?

    what is the current class and demographics like... hotel accommodations/pay - how desperate are they to push weak pilots along. I know some questionable guys in class now... just wondering what they are going through.
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    Saab 2000 job in Texas

    Pretty high bar for a Saab FO. Lets be real... who likes spending time with crew members at or after work. You all suck. I put on a fake phone face. I surmise many authored to. So what is pay with competitive experience. Ball park.
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    Cowboy boots in the Cockpit

    BTW, I enjoy you reviving threads.. you get got me every time when i see the topic.
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    Cowboy boots in the Cockpit

    Just curious. I don't wear cowboy boots. I think they're stupid looking. But why so mad others enjoy sporting them? You protest too much. Did your mom wear them to your PTA meetings? Bad memories of the boys rankling you?
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    Need Interview Experiences!

    bump. contribute if you can.
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    Because flying's not as difficult as you think? Oranges and apples when comparing doctors and pilots. Look at the masses board an RJ without blinking an eye. For a few years, they were hiring kids with 300 hours and no IMC. When an owner is rushed to the ER, is he so discriminating as you...
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    Leave Netjets...

    How important are internal recs to get interviewed/hired at Netjets.
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    Ripped jeans, American new hire class photo

    fantastic pic! ...its great to see diversity at the airlines! ...and to think, some folks believe only white males can get a job fly heavy metal
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    Delta off the runway again

    If the military flew snowy sorties we wouldn't be having this conversation.
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    Where's Lowecur?

    I just ordered the Adidas pantyhose body suit. Should I cancel the order?