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    Southwest loads

    To where????
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    Delta asked to leave Dallas Love Field

    Looks like SWA is showing some LUV. I wonder if Delta would do the same?
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    Harmonica playing SWA pilot

    Not a SWA pilot nor will he ever be.
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    Virgin Awarded Love Field Gates

    Maybe whoever loses will sue and tie the gates up in court for years and no one will get to use the gates. Sound familiar?
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    SWA hiring more.

    Not true. The memo specifically states the type is not necessary for the interview, but will be required for employment.
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    AirTran DRC - judgement !

    Exactly. The lines suck and they are only going to get worse. Hope you enjoy sitting around at airports
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    SWA to hire 200

    As of the end of August I've blocked 608 hours with and average of 135 tfp a month at $118.93 plus $4,700 of per diem.
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    A Change at Southwest????

    They only compared 100 routes and they also failed to mention this: They also failed to mention how much higher fares are of equal distance in markets that SWA doesn't service.
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    FAA settles on CO Denver crash victims

    I've never seen a -500 in LBB with wingelts. With 8/26 and 17R/35L why would you land with a 35kt xwind?
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    B6 Hiring

    If you choose correctly you won't have to work until you are 65.
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    DEN Commuter Hotels

    Ramada 303-373-1600 $54.99 Fairfield 303-576-9640 $69.00 Holiday Inn 303-574-1300 $79.00 Holiday Inn Exp 303-373-4100 $79.00 Comfort Suites 303-371-9300 $55.00 La Quinta 303-371-0888 10% discount Baymount Inn...
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    IPad EFB for all Southwest pilots just announced

    Check your company email.
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    Swa 541

    He's every bit of the tool that he looks like.
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    Hobby expansion passes; Southwest wins fight with United HOUSTON—Southwest Airlines has won its hard-fought political battle for international gates at Hobby Airport. The Houston City Council overwhelmingly voted Wednesday to accept Southwest’s $100 million offer to build...
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    SWA paycheck question

    The June vacancy just came out with the Airtran transition guys from the first class. 3 BWI 4 DAL 5 HOU 2 LAS 6 MCO 2 PHX 2 MDW