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    Rental Needed in NC

    Does anyone know of single or multi engine aircraft to rent in the Clayton Wilson Rocky Mount or even the RDU area for a decent price. I fly full time but would like to take some weekend and week flts with the wife.
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    Who else is waiting for nja?????

    I recieved the same email today after sending them one. Interviewed in April.
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    NJA DONE hiring for '08 ???

    There were no technical questions only Tell me about a time..I was told that they know everyone reads this board and knows that they are a customer service industry and can tell when people are making up a story about their experience. Hope it helps
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    XO Jet pat rates?

    What is the chance of getting on with XO if you don't know anybody at the company. I sent my app in at least 3 times. I have over 6600 hours with 3500 jet. What are they looking for in new hires?
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    NJA DONE hiring for '08 ???

    I did my interview in Aug with the Head of training he told me he would send my interview on the the next stage but couldn't tell me when I would get interviewed maybe 2 weeks 2 months or never was his response. He told me there were a lot of pilots in Que. Dont know if this helps. I'm still...
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    Mail a Resume to XO Jet

    I called the HR Dept and they called me back and asked what they could do for me. I asked them what it would take for me to get hired by XO jet that I was looking for some advice. The First question was do you know someone here. I told them No but met some of there pilots. Well that didn't help...
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    NJA Phone Call. For those in AUG.

    I interviewed in August and was told I did well and would be sent to the next group to interview but was also told that it may be in 2 weeks 2 months or never he couldn't say. I was told there were a lot of pilots in que and they slowed down the hiring but he had no control of when the next...
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    What is NJ looking for?

    OK posted twice Sorry
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    What is NJ looking for?

    Well hang in there I sent in my app 5 months ago and got the phone interview and was told the interview went well and I would be next for the 2nd interview. The bad news I was told was he didn't know when that would be it could be in 2 weeks 2 months or 2 years. The head of training told me It...
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    Question for Hawker Drivers

    After take off if you hold 1500lb flow a side at 250knots to 10k and keep bumping it up on the same profile as above until the greenlights come on usually about 15-17k you will burn around 1950-*2000 your first hour. Just remember 250 is 250 no matter what your flow is set for and it doesnt...