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    Hey Bob. I know this is a shot in the dark here, but I searched Jetblue Breitling and a post you...

    Hey Bob. I know this is a shot in the dark here, but I searched Jetblue Breitling and a post you made a long time ago came up. Did you ever sell it?
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    Greyhound Bus Drivers salary

    I have made love to many fine ladies from the lowliest bus station skank to the classiest most sophisticated, educated, debutant, high society... bus station skank.
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    You said it, man. Nobody f's with the Jesus.

    http://www.thesmokinggun.com/documents/delta-pilot-gropes-teen-passenger-675432 Now he'll need a purple jump suite and start bowling! Dave
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    New Pinnacle Management team

    I'm not sure about them being the last three but the three were Selvaggio (sp?) who ran Song in to the ground then came to Comair, Fred Butrell who headed up DCI before he came, and Bendoritis who broke the mechanic's union at Northwest before the merger. Gumm came from Mesa and the other was...
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    ouch...1st Pinnacle pay check

    Spineless scabs?
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    Go jet

    That is true. The way it's done is when you are ready to upgrade and have the time you put in your bid. There is a list of people that have their bid in. Every month or so they issue the award with the top ever so many that are awarded it. At the current time I believe everybody that has their...
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    Go jet

    As soon as you get 4500 hours you can upgrade. I just knew some guys that started in the November class and before they were through training got awarded captain. They came from Comair and already had the time. Dave
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    Pinnacle TA Passes....

    Yeah, but they're going to be wholly owned now. What could go wrong?
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    American Eagle Pilot Arrested - Fails Blood-Alcohol Test at MSP

    He looks just like Denzel!!! http://m.wxii12.com/news/Raleigh-pilot-arrested-after-failing-alcohol-test-before-flight/-/17443006/18014914/-/154m2sq/-/index.html
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    GoJets off roading in ALB

    I'm curious how you know if the guy you are rolling your eyes at is former Comair or United. Also, when you were having this conversation with the United guy that was there did you roll your eyes at him? Dave
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    Best of luck to the CMR pilots

    Just curious, did ALPA national ever issue any condolences or letter or anything to the Comair pilot group? I don't have access to the member log in anymore but the home page welcomes the NFL refs back to work on the 28th, but not a word on Comair. Dave
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    jetlink call sign

    I wonder if anybody jumped on Sure Jet?
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    ASA has 3 Union reps work 6 days to run PBS

    We used to have the same thing at Comair. The company actually paid for the flight pay loss. So it may not be using any of your dues. Dave
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    Looks like SKW doesn't want to park 50 seaters

    I know it's really the same but..... Technically those planes are still owned by Comair.
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    Looks like SKW doesn't want to park 50 seaters

    Actually, I think it was a purchase incentive. Skywest got those planes when they purchased Asa. Trans states holdings now got those planes when they purchased compass.