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    Kalitta Future

    Organic Airlift??? Is this airlift that hasn't been genetically enhanced?
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    Southern Jan 30 Class

    Do you think that Southern would hire someone, train them, and then furlough them and NOT recall?? Not sure what your saying here bro.
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    Attention all faa certificated pilots!

    You can only see the address if you first know it.
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    Whats going on at ATLAS/POLAR?

    Whats this new Company "Titan" all about? Is it strictly overseas unit?
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    Hey ATI

    This is great news for all members of 747. If anything teamsters is going to bend over backwards to prevent anyone else from leaving this local. If I were at ATI, Kalitta, NAA, ect. I'd be happy about the new leadership and direction of Local 747. I certainly would not be requesting to get...
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    Hey ATI

    I don't see where 747 is being closed. Just put in Emergency trusteeship.
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    World/North American question...

    We (WOA) have both Military Personnel flights and Cargo out of Leipzig on a regular basis. I also see Polar in there a lot too flying their DHL freight.
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    Southern to furlough

    You guys take delivery of the 777F's in 2011. And your training this year?
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    Southern to furlough

    I think most of the C360 guys that went to SAI may have sufficient seniority to not be affected by this furlough. Seniority integration was based on DOH at C360.
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    No More ATA At Capital

    I have flown with Ron T, Brian M and that polish FE Yan...(guy is a riot!) - all great fun and accomplished aviators. All have made a positive contribution to WOA.
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    No More ATA At Capital

    I have no beef. Well, except for the beef I ate for dinner last night. Guilty, but I am bitter about ATA ever going out of business. I wish ATA was still alive and well. Nobody in the pilots ranks has benefited from ATA's demise. You say you have proof then plz provide. I'll...
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    No More ATA At Capital

    Tristar, good post with lots of good info, but you are wrong in saying ATA Holdings bought WOA/NAA, it was Matlin P. who bought WOA/NAA, then formed GAL which under GAL was ATA, WOA, NAA. If what you said was true your scope would have gone much further in the courts than it did. Sorry for the...
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    Kalitta Charters 2/IFL/Murray-National/Others

    Obviously YOU know nothing about the Middle East/Africa. Everybody has an opinion that everyone may or may not agree with. Why flame?
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    Arrow Cargo

    One of the things that has kept Arrow around this long is its Freight Forwarding business. Now with Matlin Patterson ownership, hopefully they will weed out the South Florida management style and become a steady place to work.
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    Furloughs at Kalitta Air

    No worries, I'm not trying to protect anyone. If a WOA pilot says something you or I don't like, game on. I'm just wondering why you think this guy is a WOA pilot to begin with. I have reviewed a few of his (weasel_lips) past post and I don't see anything that suggest he his. So I look for...