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    From the Money Hungry, Dues Extorting Thugs at the IBT 1108

    Phildo used to cry about this like a little b••ch on yammer. No more excuses Phildo!
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    Servant Heart

    Let me guess, the “Vice President” who isn’t listed anywhere on any Onesky organization chart has popped off another email...#handispam
  3. doh

    Had enough yet?

    IMMP, I heard WJ is finally going to retire. Any truth to that rumor?
  4. doh

    Had enough yet?

    Talked to a pilot yesterday who said the instructor who lost his arm was using his position to bully pilots into signing cards. If this happens to you when you are in the schoolhouse, call the stewards hotline. If you need the number, pm me!
  5. doh

    Had enough yet?

    He really is now a total *****
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    My thoughts

    Don't you mean: Thank you for retching?:puke: Because I just threw up in my mouth a little!:puke:
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    Had enough yet?

    Okay, I succumbed. MR is the USAir reject. And he is back to his lying ways, surprise, surprise. He is claiming in one post that he lost his triple overtime for going over 14 hours. 27.2(c)(1) Overtime for Time Worked in Excess of 12 hours Time worked in excess of 12 hours but less than 14...
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    Had enough yet?

    You guys are tempting me. I haven’t been on the porn site in a couple weeks. I may have to check it our. Is MR the former USAir reject? Or the blowhard 300 guy?
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    Had enough yet?

    Remember the double standard of enforcement and you would still be unemployed until arbitration was done. No thanks.
  10. doh

    Had enough yet?

    Using work email for union anything is the express lane to termination. And again, the question is why do they refuse to be transparent?
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    Had enough yet?

    Does anyone have the contact information list of pilots on the decert "committee"? group? whatever they call themselves? Wookieboy moans about the lack of "transparency" from the union, but he won't even provide a phone number and email for himself. And NO, I won't be giving him my contact info...
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    Delta private jets

    I’m pretty sure they are under the Charter section. I don’t believe they are a fractional at all.
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    Why does flight options keep crashing airplanes?

    He’s talking about the G450 that landed with the tailwind and didn’t arm the spoilers.
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    Had enough yet?

    What was his name on here? He used to post a lot of BS...until he took that recall. Then he just shut right up, because his hypocrisy caught up with him. It was TWA something? What an a-hole!