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    Endeavor to lose 38 CRJ-200s to Air Wisconsin and SKW

    And there it is, the truth just sprang from your own keyboard.
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    Endeavor to lose 38 CRJ-200s to Air Wisconsin and SKW

    I'm a pilot, and I know where it is. Tell you what, next time you are in ATL and doing your walkaround, ask a ramper. Or better yet, ask tower. Report back to me with the correct answer and I will give you my sincerest apology. You still didn't refute my primary evidence. How is it you can...
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    Endeavor to lose 38 CRJ-200s to Air Wisconsin and SKW

    The proof that you aren't a DAL pilot is easy. If you were one, the union and/or company would have found out who you are by now and reeled you in. Ask ShyGuy/Flyer how that works. The fact that you spell out 5 letter identifiers the way they sound instead of how they appear in the FMS makes...
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    A small endeavor goes awry.

    Don't think so, maybe it was this guy:
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    Yea, I can name one. I'm tooling around the pattern in the 100 degree heat doing touch and goes with a scary student. Making $12-$15 an hour with no pre or post pay. Just hit 1500 hundred hours and have wet ink on my ATP. Pinnacle calls, what do you think I'm going to do? I may not stay...
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    Off-roading at Hobby

    Looks like Oakum Boy may have to wait two or 3 months to fail upgrade while they fix this one.
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    New Pinnacle Management team

    We sur know about you man.
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    Colgan Q400 Drivers....What's the Latest Info?

    Just curious xjhawak, since I like your opinions. Current stance is that when ATL closes starting January, no ATL 900 CA can displace an XJ 900 CA. My thoughts are that the ATL 900 CA's will flush out about 1/3 of the MEM CA 200 list, with the displacements going most likely to DTW and/or...
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    Objection to Delta's DIP financing for Pinnacle

    "Simon" Says the guy who already jumped across the fence with a full training cycle?
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    Pink Slips - Do CFI and Mechanic Failures Count

    I hate to burst your bubble, but if you have multiple pink slips of any nature, you should not be carrying passengers around and you should choose a different career. Good people are not having their careers ruined, substandard people are showing up for check rides unprepared and getting...
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    9E MEC Ridiculousness

    You better be joking TO. I've been paying more for union dues than health insurance and the MEC/LEC is drinking it?
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    9E MEC Ridiculousness

    Thank you Capt. W. I am happy you are here.
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    Where oh where is pilot754?

    Out of complete boredom, I looked him up in the FAA registry. He has a BE-500 PIC type and a fresh medical. Looks like some of us (may) owe him an apology. Well, maybe not his classmates from PSA, but the rest of us.
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    Where oh where is pilot754?

    It is with great honor and pleasure that I announce that I miss pilot754. Please come back, this site is horrible without you.