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    UPS Pool

    Maybe an interesting thing with manning at ANC MD FO. I'm a probation guy--low on the list. In Oct/Nov I was called once or twice every day for JA (except one day)! In Dec/Jan/Feb/Mar, I've been called for JA a grand total of maybe 4 or 5 times. Staffing problem solved? There appears to be very...
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    ANC living--Nicest place to live near ANC?

    OMG, yes. Try approx 1.4% flat tax every year. That's about $500/month on a $450k home. Pain. For whomever was asking about being close to restaurants and a 400-500k home, try Southport (in Anchorage) or the town of Eagle River (7 mi NE of Anchorage, but "somewhat" isolated). IMO, those...
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    Ups Vs Swa

    UPS--and don't look back.
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    2 July - UPS Start

    Online app finally has domicile posted (for me) now. Tues, 3pm eastern.
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    Pilotless Airliner - They're looking at it again!

    Are there unmanned pax trains nowadays? Where are they (not counting the underground aiport terminal shuttle)?--My train GK is weak, much like my aircraft GK.
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    Air Force Academy Welfare Pilots

    This will be my last post in regards to your subject, BA. I am curious to know what I wrote that makes you think I don't believe the same thing you do. You are assuming quite a bit. Perhaps you should post in the Non-Aviation thread rather than the Majors thread. Or once again, in a political...
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    Air Force Academy Welfare Pilots

    Wow. Let's throw another log on the fire. This is not Feel free not to use this forum anymore, friend.
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    UPS another class in July or in Aug.

    2 July is the next class. 22 people.
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    Air Force Academy Welfare Pilots

    Not true, my friend. If you were a USAFA grad, went to pilot training, and took the early out at say $100K before taxes...If you went to the AFRES, you are now eligible for the GI Bill, and can get most of that type rating paid for. Yes, enough to make some of us sick. But all legal. And do I...
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    2 July - UPS Start

    Anyone out there with a 2 July start date want to fess up? If so, PM me.
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    Cathay Interview

    No, from what I understand it is rather difficult (and not legal if you live in HK). I also cancelled my interview with Cathay on Friday for a job elsewhere.
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    Who uses ACARS???????

    All USAF C-17s have it, but we are not allowed to use it yet. Of course, I'm sure we (you) are paying for it.
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    How long is the wait in the UPS pool?

    I think it's because of my undeniable stunning good looks. And that I'm very humble about it.
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    Delta Newhire training question

    Here are six symbols: dash circle upside down L u shaped thingy etc... Each one corresponds to a number: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (respectively) Soon you will see 15 symbols on the screen (with above symbol key still in view). Type in the number for each symbol. VERY EASY if you are good at...
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    How long is the wait in the UPS pool?

    So if you get the call from PL, are you not in the "pool" since she overnights you the pee test, etc? Or is that still swimming?