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    Delta Question

    5.5 days
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    DL proposes Profit Sharing cut for Pilots

    Didn't believe you were trying to get things stirred up but it was glaringly obvious one part was stated as fact and another was a rumor. May have nit-picked but I hope that'll help keep it civil. I personally haven't heard the rumor but it doesn't surprise me if they ask for a reduction to...
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    DL proposes Profit Sharing cut for Pilots

    Yet the chosen title of this thread is that it is a fact. How about amending it to match the first two words of the first sentence?
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    Delta cutting International flights 3%

    Did the article you read talk about the 1st Qs entire results? Or were you that desperate to post a minor flaw before your mom could proof-read your post? Not that you care, but this is a smart reaction to a change in the global economy. The growth in the domestic markets allows overall...
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    Searching Airline Schedules HELP?

    FlightTrack Pro is a commuter's dream app. Does exactly what you're looking for plus will give you status alerts stating 2 hours prior to scheduled departure. You can search by route, which will give all flights regardless of airline, or airline specific flight numbers.
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    American... Get that rig!

    Perhaps you shouldn't be relying on APC as fact. Delta top rate (12 years) on the 900ER is $218.05 and the 800/700 is $216.92. Those are as of Jan 1, 2015.
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    American... Get that rig!

    It's already been ratified. 66/34 with 94% turnout according to the APA.
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    DAL pay table question

    12th year Captain pay.
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    Air Asia- when it rains it pours

    And you're worste at spelling.
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    Company paid parking?

    Delta is free in base. No reimbursement out of base.
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    Endeavor to lose 38 CRJ-200s to Air Wisconsin and SKW

    Word is our management wouldn't agree to some of Delta's typical demands, like tying a large part of the pay to completion factor, performance, etc. That's unrealistic since a large part of the flying is out of JFK. We have enough experience in the NE to know 99.5% minimum completion factor in...
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    Training at Air Wisconsin

    Last I knew those Flashcards were password protected, thus why I said it wasn't in the public domain. Is that not the case anymore?
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    Training at Air Wisconsin

    Been flying for US Air/AA for 9 years. We got Delta flying last week. There's really nothing out in the public domain he can get his hands on prior to training. The training department is a tightly run ship and the amount of knowledge expected to be learned seems more than other CRJ operators...
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    Delta to add service from Seattle to Boise, Denver, Ketchikan, Sitka, and boost more

    Hotel costs are only required if you don't live in ATL during sim training. As hiring stays consistent, more and more will be doing theirs in MIA for example. That's company paid. From my perspective, most of the people I know at SW or who want to be there bought the type just to be considered...
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    Delta to add service from Seattle to Boise, Denver, Ketchikan, Sitka, and boost more

    That's a huge stretch. Paying for a hotel during training is not pay for training. Signing a training contract or being required to have a type prior to class is paying for training. Regardless of how one spins it, I hope that changes with the next contract.