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    Does XO Jet actually fly their airplanes?

    Actually, I was the one assigned to that aircraft, and yes, to put all myths down - we flew that jet back and forth to Las Vegas on THREE different trips within those 5 days.....all to Signature FS. 2 owner trips and 1 charter. They know us well! I flew 42 hrs on that bird in 7 days. Captain...
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    Ground Obstacle Clearance on a visual approach

    Remember, the reg also states that you hold the appropriate glidepath until a "lower altitude is necessary for a safe landing!" This is where the real argument is - when do you determine the need to go to a lower altitude to make the touchdown zone of the runway? 1 mile out? 3 miles out...
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    Airtran gets the gates

    Go AirTran!!!! You guys need to expand ops out of Bloomington, IL (BMI)!!! Maybe a flight to Denver, New York area, or the West Coast? With free parking and not too far from Chicago, people WILL fly outta here!Keep up the good work.
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    Citation X Salary

    90 K at XOJet for a X captain + good benefits!!! The best part is you can choose between a 17 on / 15 off or 9 on / 7 off schedule. The first and ninth day are "crew swap" days - so you may actually start late on the first day and finish early on the ninth day - giving you even more time off...
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    Preflighting the Citation X

    Kick the tires and light the fires usually works! If you don't like what you see, CTRL ALT DELETE works well on this plane. If you still don't like what you see, are you the capt? If not, then no sweat! If so, assume the position (blackberry to ear after dialing maintenance). Hope this helps!
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    Calculating VDP

    I have NEVER gone around and NEVER will! Just make it work the first time! Fuel is expensive! Don't go-arounds scare passengers? I'd be scared that I'd probably have to do a visual pattern and I don't do those either. I hope some of you are laughing.