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    T-6 instruction in DFW??

    Thanks. I'll try to look him up, but if anyone has his number, I'd appreciate the help.
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    T-6 instruction in DFW??

    I agree with the move to the warbird forum. AND I certainly agree that the T-6 community has little presence on-line. It would be nice to put together a site like the L-39 community has. I would never post a link, but if you are an L-39 Enthusiast, I am sure you can find it. ;) **Not meant to...
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    T-6 instruction in DFW??

    A little acro, but mostly a little time and a few additional landings to get comfy. **Poor scan on my part, I just found the "Warbirds" section at the bottom. Luckily, most warbird guys are also acro guys to some extent and vice versa.
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    T-6 instruction in DFW??

    I am looking for some T-6 instruction in the DFW metroplex. Any ideas?? BS
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    Quality of PIC time

    Not exactly correct....
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    Memphis/N. Miss

    Nope ...or the busted-up van in the Democrat lot. Not to steal the thread, but there should be a thread about the average car in the Democrat vs what the dude really drives / earns. BS
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    Marine Aviation Question

    Do a lot of research A little dated, but when I went through about a dozen years ago one could get a flight contract from the Marine Corps saying that following TBS, you were off to flight school. It was pretty solid. You did not have to "select" aviation while in TBS since you (and the USMC)...
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    Fedex DFW - Jumpseating

    DFW FedEx Parking Park in the lot ACROSS THE STREET from the ramp. You will see the FedEx parking signs. I would leave a note on the dash saying you are a jumpseater with XXX airlines and leave your cell # in case there is a problem with your car. Mention it to security when you walk in the...
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    An Observation

    Throwing stones from a glass house?? Certainly not pretending to be the most mature or professional guy here nor am I offended, but dude, you have a "Happy Ending Massage Parlor" avatar and beer-glass-clinking smiley faces in the sig block. Funny, yes, mature or professional, ehh. BS Yes, I...
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    Marine Aviation Question

    Good Choice It sounds like your son has the right attitude - wanting to be a Marine aviator. Notice the order of the words; Marine first, aviator second. Not to be over zealous, but if you select the Marines and don't see it that way, you set yourself up for disappointment. The chances of being...
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    ROTC or the 'Zoo'

    Ever notice.....? One thing I could not get over in flight school was how EVERY IP had "jet grades." It was one of the first things brought up in every brief. Hack, WX, NOTAMS, "I had jet grades." Dudes must just love vert rep!!! Similarly, every slam on any of the service academies is...
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    FEDEX meet and greet

    Network and remain positive. B757driver, this is in no way a slam, as you certainly have far more credentials than I. BUT, how do you, with that incredible wealth of experience and years in aviation, not have at least a couple of buds at FedEx. And you especially should know that the entire...
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    HUD view of Shuttle landing

    I thought carrier quals were tough! Copied from: Prior to a Shuttle mission, a commander has to complete 1,000 STA landings.
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    Pilots, White Collar or Blue Collar

    Not shallow, or perhaps smart enough to care. So do you think the folks over at are having the same discussion? They drive our precious children around (with no seat belts, which is well beyond me) 40 at a time in various weather conditions, are specially licensed, and...