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    Did Comair Furlough.....

    I dont think we will be hearing from ACARPE anymore We found out who he is Suspect denied bond; prosecutor calls it 'worst case' of family violence she has seen A Peachtree City woman suffered two broken wrists and a broken toe at the hands of her husband, who also raped her at the couple’s...
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    ASA CR9 routes, where are we going?

    Just look at the places that Comair used to go to.
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    Did Comair Furlough.....

    That would be a pay and QOL raise
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    Did Comair Furlough.....

    last day for 92 of us was 1/18/09. More to come is my guess
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    Furlough numbers

    I think with the newest 92 on the street, plus the 206 that are sleeping in the homeless shelters already Comair just may be the industry leader for regionals. Come on Comair you can make it to try to beat out AA.
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    Getting out of Jury Duty?

    Man you must have some great QOL. I would love to do Jury Duty to not be here.
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    5:42 on the 24th and no final schedules...

    Come on ASA stuff like that only happens at Comair. You all are a real airline.
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    Asa Rocks!

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    Application window

    Thanks for all the good info. The ATC board on FI is a lot more Mature and informative than the Regional and Major boards. Any other info ya'll have would be great. Myself like many others are looking to take the jump to ATC.
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    Commuting Question.

    Sick time is there for a reason.
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    Application window

    If anyone could shed somelight on when the next application window will open it would be appriciated.
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    Mesaba takes 14

    Company memo
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    Bombardier in CVG

    They are counting the number of planes that are going back from us (Comair). It take execs to count that high.
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    Seen today...most dangerous jobs...

    7. MESA
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    McCain's son an airline pilot?

    So if McCain wins does the secret service ride on the jumpseat when he is flying??