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    SWA App window open

    As of 22 APR
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    Kenn Ricci receives award

    FLEXJET CHAIRMAN KENN RICCI RECEIVES LIVING LEGENDS OF AVIATION LIFETIME AVIATION ENTREPRENEUR AWARD JANUARY 16, 2017 CLEVELAND, January 16, 2017 ? Flexjet LLC, offering travelers access to the world?s most luxurious fleet of private jets, today announced that its chairman, Kenneth C. ?Kenn...
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    Student Solo at YIP and FAA man shows up

    Great story. Thanks for sharing. That's not what I was expecting to read
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    2016. Alaska, American, now another one...JetBlue

    Happened last May. Now the dude facing 15 years in prison. Roadies in the cockpit.....that is a disease. Obviously pretty comfortable with it, not worried about other crew members noticing?
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    2016. Alaska, American, now another one...JetBlue

    Blew a .11 BAC after he landed at JFK
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    Pet Peeves

    Turbo checkin. Guy or gal throws the new frequency in and simultaneously keys the mic to check in, blocking current conversations. Then, a moment later, Checks in again only to block another radio call. Like they are the only one in existence. Tune new freq, count to 3, transmit.
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    Flexjet considers Furloughs

    I don't get it. Options accepting applications
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    UAL off runway Spokane

    Off taxiway....woops
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    UAL off runway Spokane
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    Southwest stuck in snow at BNA

    AND they check your license. Yes, you actually have to have a FAA issued certificate number to join. No fakes, no posers. No hiding behind a screen name and throwing insults. Administrators know who you are.
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    Hole on a Southwest flight

    Time to park those -300s. Too many cycles....Boeing warned em
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    General Lee!!!

    Because he gets a reaction every time he does it. I find it to be funny
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    Ame phx

    Dr Bryman has an office at SDL
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    Frontier pulling the plug in DEN?

    Why is that?