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    Projected Upgrade Time at Delta

    As of today what is Delta's projected Captain upgrade time? I fully understand that this a very dynamic number based on many many variables including desired base, aircraft, retirements, economy, etc. I've heard that it is around 15+ years but wanted to see what others project. Thanks.
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    Compass Lav Fire

    I heard the same thing about this FA the other day....that he was also the FA on the first lav fire at Compass. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Coincidence?
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    NWA Position Update

    Here at Mesaba it's the same story. No XJ pilots are getting interviewed at NWA. I have a good pulse on pilot hiring at NWA with multiple contacts including pilots "in the know" and senior management and even some HR folks themselves. Unfortunately, when it comes to talking about getting an...
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    Has anybody interview with NWA?

    I've seen plenty of posts try to get started about this. But nobody has really commented in depth about it. Has anybody interviewed with NWA yet that wasn't an internal hire, ATI, or pre 9/11 hire? I haven't heard of anybody yet that has interviewed that didn't have some special situation or...
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    What's the dumbest question you've been asked as a pilot?

    Are you the "pilot" or the "pilot's helper"?
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    Spoke with XJ crew planning today. Here was the current breakdown on aircraft placements (all subject to change at anytime, of course) 17 CRJ200s to MSP 12 CRJ900s to MSP 18 CRJ900s to DTW 6 CRJ900s to MEM
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    "Great" cockpit talk..

    This works well for two guys flying together: Lean over nice and close to the other pilot and say...."Have you heard about the gay pilot at (fill in your airline)". After he responds tell him "Give me a little kiss and I'll tell you who it is".