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    Diarrhea in a freighter?

    The fact that this thread is almost 15 years old confirms my suspicion that most of us never matured past the 4th grade.

    just flew a 3-day with "special radio voice guy"...

    The guy I just flew had to start every single radio transmission with the word "yeah". "Yeah, Salt Lake Center..." "Yeah, So Cal...", "Yeah, Vegas Ops...". Weird.

    Diarrhea in a freighter?

    Guy I flew with a couple months ago got absolutely fall-down drunk at the hotel bar. Went into the lobby bathroom to take a dump, but was so trashed he forgot to pull his pants down. He sat down on the john and proceeded to sh!t in his Levis. I'm sitting at the bar and get a text from him...

    SWA Removes B737 Type Requirment

    and then, "Is the lobotomy scar visible?"

    Delta Hiring SWA pilots?

    Well, for what it's worth... Regarding the new-hire no-shows: I just came from the training center (PC yesterday) and was told the reason two classes only had 8 people was because they only wanted two classes of 8. There have been a small handful of folks leave for other airlines, but not...

    Most famous person you ever had on board ?!

    Huey Lewis, Chuck Berry and Bill Cosby. Three of the nicest, coolest dudes you'll ever meet. Val Kilmer, Arriana Huffington, Barbara Boxer. Three of the absolute most obnoxious, arrogant wastes of skin you'll ever meet.

    AirTran pilots will own the SW upgrades

    You aint kiddin'! Given the choice, I'd take a FAT captain over one of these ******************************bag Kernals any day of the week. Unless the FAT captain was also a ******************************bag Kernal...

    Anyone write an aviation book?

    Needed to bring this thread back from the dead. I mentioned the book "Marijuana Smuggling fro Fun and Profit" by Robert Bach. I read it a few months ago and have developed an interest the dope hauling scene of the late 70's and early '80s (reading about it, that is. Not actually doing it...

    ATC chooses diversity over qualification

    I think Obama is a miserable, incompetent piece of sh!t who is destroying this nation, however this problem started long before anyone had ever heard of him. Back in the 90's when most of us were slugging it out at rat-sh!t regional carriers minorities were going straight to the right seat at...

    SWA training rumor?

    I could not agree more. I have voted no on every turd SWAPA has tried to sell us, but to no avail. I am sick of the Koolies in this place.

    Major bait

    The faster the hiring, the fewer the necessary qualifications. When times are tough airlines use things like the 4 year degree, etc. as a tool to weed folks out. When hiring is hot and heavy the 4 year degree carries less weight. Still, I would try to be in a position to check as many boxes...

    Anyone write an aviation book?

    Interesting. I didn't make the connection that Robert Bach was Richard's kid. Curious to know what he's up to these days.

    Anyone write an aviation book?

    Goat Rope is a great book, and Dan Blore seems to be a pretty nice guy. Apparently he has another book in the works...

    Anyone write an aviation book?

    Thanks for this, Dan. I've been on the fence about both these book, I may try the PJ Spivak one now. I just finished "Marijuana Smuggling for Fun and Profit" by Robert Bach. Best flying story I've read in a long time. Sorry for the thread creep. Carry on...

    The future of Southwest Airlines

    I think we're simply in a little over our heads right now. We bit off more than we could chew, and we're having to dig our way out. That's going to take some time. I fly with a lot of guys who are pissed that we've strayed from our proven model. That's valid to a point. To paraphrase...