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    So it's Dec, what's the "big announcement?"

    The big announcement is that management suckered all of us into not quitting before Xmas now they all get that day off to properly plan the spending of their bonus. TFAYD!
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    The Eagle vote is on

    Just had a 14 yr CA on Jumpseat yesterday that said only 27 hired with 400 interviews so far. So, where is the truth?
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    Veiled threat is lead article on

    I'm honestly surprised they didn't try to furlough us before the vote. Anyone remember back in 2006 when they started transferring our 700's to Skywest? Charlie and Scott came out with a memo in the summer that said they predicted a "surplus" of pilots by Nov-Dec and that furloughs were being...
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    Anyone been to an XJT roadshow yet?

    I agree about Danny. I have known him for a decade and have swung his gear on many a months. I do not know Ed to save my life. Our paths have never crossed. I do know of his reputation. As a captain of almost a decade here' I can say that there are 2 schools of thought on captainism. One...
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    Air whiskey v. Hoeper?

    Didn't something like this also happen at FedEx?
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    J wood and xjt nc

    I'd bet my entire 401k that this is true.
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    Is Flica Ipad friendly?

    So, I got my first Apple product last night and before I throw it through the window, I thought I'd ask around. How do you, or can you, bid with the Ipad. Mine is getting locked up when you open new windows (or whatever apple calls them). I tried Safari and Chrome. Is it a Flightline issue...
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    Link to ExpressJet TA

    You are completely wrong about this. On an airplane like the CRJ there exists a thing called the ARINC databus. Think of it as the airplanes own, individual internet that exists for different computers to talk to one another. Everything is on this data bus. ACARS, right now, is programmed to...
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    Is Mesa cat II certified?

    Cat II is 80% on the Maintenance side of the house. The mechanics and the parts all need a higher level of certification.
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    TA vote predictions

    Per the Labor laws, I believe it would be an all pilot vote hosted by the NMB. Option 1, ALPA. Option 2, non-union. All ASA, XJT, and SkyWest pilots would be allowed to vote, even the new-hires. The only other path would be a grassroots effort inside ASA or XJT to hold a decertification...
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    TA vote predictions

    So, I'm trying to figure out what the play is here in this big chess game. We all know this contract is a cut in pay. Mostly in soft credits for the ASA side and retirement funds for the XJT side. But, I don't understand fully why this got sent to us. This seems like a low ball offer. Both...
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    My apology to Nevets

    Yes I would. I am wondering if the play needs to be a no vote, followed by a grassroots drive to boot ALPA off the property. I have gone full circle from believing ALPA was a necessary evil to ALPA is a country club full of members that don't want to get booted out. I am appalled at the...
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    ExpressJet (L-ASA) Jumpseat

    Sorry Dude, you got screwed. Our J/S priority is our own, Skywest, Delta or other DCI, then offline for a Delta flight. If it was a United flight then they have priority over offline. Your best avenue now is to have your J/S coord call our J/S coord and document it all. If you don't go that...
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    XJT contract almost there?

    So, its ok with you to screw reserves from another base and send them on a 30 day trip. Sorry. That does not honor seniority. I'm sorry you did not get the notice. I reviewed it and it went to people that can do the assignment. No CR7 pilots or IAD pilots got it because they can't do...
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    XJT contract almost there?

    Ummm, yeah, it came out on Oct 2 from the manager of manpower planning. I'm guessing your one of the guys that when you log on to duty in there are 348 unread emails in your inbox? Now for your issues with senior pilots. The only thing I can tell you is sorry, but your going to have to...