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    How Obamacare is affecting Delta

    I actually agree with you on this however just wanted to point out that the Delta Pilots shed a lot of blood to get to this point. The 9E pilots got a screw job plain and simple. They are just the latest group to be mauled by the corp sham of bankruptcy. I'd encourage every 9E pilot to do the...
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    Delta Pilots Association (DPA)

    If they aren't getting close to a vote then why I'd Dalpa wasting Our Money on a survey? Pull your head out of the sand and look Around. The DPA is real, it is offering a credible option of Self-representation that will devestate Alpa. If we leave then Ual Won't be far behind and ALPA will...
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    How Obamacare is affecting Delta

    Hey before you go tossing grenades, there were plenty of divorces, lost houses and bankruptcies of Delta Pilots when they went through Bankruptcy. What 9E went through was a pittance compared to what the mainline pilots went through. Consider yourself lucky to still have a job.
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    Delta Pilots Association (DPA)

    Looks like the DPA is getting close to calling for a vote. Dalpa has finally realized the threat and is responding, but is it too little too late? What happens to National Alpa if/when it looses Dalpa $$$ and what happens to Moak?
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    republic to sell frontier

    Best thing that could have happened to the Rjet pilots drooling over the F9 seats. Best of luck to the F9 guys, you deserve better.
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    SLI is out, it looks good for both sides

    Serious question and NOT flamebait...but what would happen if SWA sell's the 717's to DAL? Is there furlough protection written in for the AT guys? and for those who say fulough protection isn't worth the paper written on it, it saved MY job in the last recession.
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    Delta jumpseat policy question

    Agreed! I commute transcon since being displaced 18 mos ago, RIGHT after moving to the left coast upon being based there...oh well....11 years to go!
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    Delta jumpseat policy question

    In addition, it also states that Delta Pilots can bump up to close out of the flight as long as doing so does not delay a flight. The reservation expiring at the 15 min mark frees up the seat for another DAL pilot to take the seat over any other oal pilot. Ie: Pilot xyz has the j/s reserved...
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    Quick question for the military folks

    Well the debate is over now, Congrats to all who were serving in silence. For all the naysayers you are about to find out how much of a total non-issue this was/has been all along.
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    SL6 Passes....-800 Approved by SWAPA pilots

    Let me get this guys got to VOTE on a side letter? At DAL we find out about side letters and mou's AFTER they have been approved by the mec. Must me nice to have a union instead of a dictatorship! Vote: DPA
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    SWA- Bags Fly Free But Fat Guys Pay Double

    we should charge by the pound for the passenger AND bags. if you are the proper weight for your height then you pay the base fair whatever that is. for every pound over your weight group an extra $5 Obese people can start paying for the fuel and space they are using. i'm tired of sitting...
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    At your next airport screening request..

    So....if i'm gay should I request a female to do the pat down? If a cute guy did it I'd probably pop wood and ask him for his phone number or a cigarette.
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    Gulfstream is Bankrupt

    I went to GIA in '04, was hired at DAL in '07. The CFI that taught at the part 141 school where i got ALL of my ratings in 11 weeks (NOT GIA) STILL at Express Jet. My $20,000 INVESTMENT in myself got me to a major at a minimum 2 years before any other CFI in my peer group. That means I...
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    Jeff is Challenging Scope.

    The demise of ALPA is well under way at DAL. The days of sending 30,000,000 a year to support further outsourcing of our jobs are over. Where was ALPA when the whole UAL/Air Lingus thing went down? Oh, that's right there were some play nice protests and the widebody jobs were outsourced...