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    Angry Delta pilot

    Some thoughts…. 1. his poor wife and/or lucky ex-wife. Imagine what that home life is like. 2. The ATC controller only laughed after someone else told "Captain Happy" to calm down 3. The FAA should really do a psych eval. I'm no doctor, but there is something wrong upstairs. I don't want...
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    Jumpseating on PEOPLExpress / Vision Airlines

    who cares if a start up wants reciprocals? not going to hurt any mainline guys in any way. If Vision can help one Sky God, just one time, then its worth it to add them to every Legacy agreement. People often forget where they came from, usually the bottom of the barrel and to be rejected a...
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    Malaysian 777 enroute to Beijing missing!

    a mundane autopilot failure followed by a total inappropriate response is my best guess, got way off course or altitude bust turned off transponder to cover it up….what happened next, won't know until you get the black box.
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    JetBlue stealing American jobs!!!!!!!

    Now that I have your attention, Look how ridiculous ALPA's claim is that Emirates is stealing American pilot jobs. If anything, Emirates is creating American pilot jobs. Emirates, JetBlue Share Growth Plans...
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    Go read "Sandbox must be awesome" in Foreign Airlines section

    And don't forget about Mesa pilots. Lots of Mesa guys at Emirates. I'm sorry Sniper failed the interview at Emirates. The interview pass rate for Mesa guys was well in the high 90% However, I'm glad his fortune has changed for the better and Delta hired Sniper (Mesa guy) as an A-320...
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    Go read "Sandbox must be awesome" in Foreign Airlines section

    You have friends? I stopped reading your post after the first sentence because everyone knows that is a lie.
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    Go read "Sandbox must be awesome" in Foreign Airlines section

    I didn't say it was untrue, I have never been to Qatar so I don't know. Nor will I childishly say, "well, i have a friend or read it on PPRUNE" I just report the truth and facts. All I said is that Emirates is nothing like like that article. Qatar and Emirates are two different companies...
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    Go read "Sandbox must be awesome" in Foreign Airlines section

    For those interested in Emirates, I can say my experience is nothing like the article. Contrary to what Sniper and General Lee may say. General Lee and Sniper have never been to the Middle East.
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    Jetblue supports Abu Dhabi PreClearance!!!! Horrible!!!!

    I can't believe it, I actually agree with General Lee on a few points. This pre-clearance isn't a threat to any US pilot jobs. Delta doesn't fly to Abu Dhabi and no one is going to drive from Dubai to Abu Dhabi so they can save 30 minutes clearing customs in JFK. Pre-clearance in Dubai in the...
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    Kalitta Furlough

    The -200 market has fallen through the floor. The companies who adapted quickly to the -400 freighter are still around. Even the -400 and the 747-8F market is changing. Comparing the 777F and 747-8F. The 8F can carry more freight shorter range and has the nose door advantage. Long range...
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    Royal Air Crash

    How many people have to die at Royal before they shut that freaking place down? And no one cares because its cargo... Business as usual, they launched a lear jet just 3 hours after the crash from PTK. Small un-scheduled company like that, you would think would shut down operations for at least...
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    Delta mounts legal challenge to Emirates

    and further news, Delta has hired General Lee as their lawyer. A copy of his opening argument is below. "Riiiiiight, Emirates wants to fly more 5th freedom, will never ever happen. Enjoy that! Have fun in Dakar! riiiiight. Enjoy that profit share! You will be raped in Dubai! I make more...
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    Dubai to allow Rents to jump as much as 20%----article

    Doesn't sound like Emirates or Dubai. Do you live in Saudi?
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    Dubai to allow Rents to jump as much as 20%----article

    My knee-jerk reaction was that Golden Falcon was a Delta guy from his comment that 20 year FO's at Delta make more than 20 year Captains at EK. I misconstrued his words to rhyme with the constant attacks from General Lee and Sniper attacking Emirates pilots. And Sniper, you work at Mesa, you...