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  • I think that this service must be a little slow with the messages; I just got your message today. Thanks for the reply. I'm so glad to hear that SWA is going to hire in the 1stQ of '11. I'm sure we're all relieved. I wonder how the integration will work out with the Air Tran guys. I'm just looking forward to a class date. I was in the pool in July of 08, too. July 28 to be exact. Maybe we'll end up in the same class.

    Hey there. I was just wondering: is 4 Fan Trashcan a reference to the C-130? I notice that you have posted about SWA poolies somewhat. Did you happen to be in a class at Higher Power in May 07? I was, and I knew a guy that was in the TN ANG, flying the C-130.

    Anywho, good luck, if you're in the pool at SWA. I am, and can't wait to hear that they're hiring again.


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