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    Flexjet Scamagement Redefines Lying

    New yammer board?
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    recorded lines @ Flex

    Always had
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    Hey Netjet pilots, help a 495 out!

    Conservative Fuel burn numbers cruising at .80 1st Hr: 2400 with taxi fuel and 1 hr APU Burn 2ndHr: 1800 3rd : 1600 4th : 1600 5th : 1600 6th : 1500
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    Challenger 350 officially announced for Netjets...

    I flew the 300 30nm less than the Luton-Chicago leg (7+30) and landed with enough fuel to fly another hour plus! So the 350 should be able to fly that leg at long range cruise with ease providing the headwinds aren't ridiculous.
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    Challenger & Global Order. New planes for who?

    Yes.. the new news would be Netjets finally operating a Superior Product ---> Bombardier
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    Latest at Flexjet?

    Still Slow.... but here come the Holidays...
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    Why no bases at Flex?

    Being unemployed right now scares me because I to stupid to learn another skill. (NO Life) Try some english lessons....... There is no need to throw anyone under the bus for wanting to work. You have no idea what this person needs to supply for his family!! You have no idea what the...
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    Flexjet Pilots, Let's Get It Together

    jelly spined pilot group..... nice attitude beech. With a statement like that, why not post your name and show all what an iron spine you have?
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    FlexJet - Anything New???

    why did you answer the phone?
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    Flexjet question

    Well said Can99.... yes, lots of negative NJ guys, lots on shuttles to the FBO b..tching about their contracts... shut up already guys!! With them it's the pilots and union against management. That's not how it should be... all on the same team and paying your salary. Lots of unprofessional...
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    Flexjet Pilots Flexjet Pilots

    Flexnewby..... if you are indeed new, then head over to NJ if you want to belong to a union!! Keep dreaming of a union here at Flex, 'cause it will not happen. Your "Walshfly's of the world" comment leads me to believe that you are pointing and talking down to a majority of us here at Flex...
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    New Gateway for Flex

    Unions represent a high percentage of blue collar workers... white collar professions are just that, professionals, and can get things done without having to pay some "dues" to have someone else figure it out. Get a clue netflier....again, Netflier talks alot about flex and it is quite obvious...
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    Is Flexjet having a problem finding pilots?

    Ohhh the prestige of flying on a Citation!! OR better yet a luxurious Beechjet!! Sign me up...
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    Is Flexjet having a problem finding pilots?

    Netflier is just running his mouth.... one who bad mouths another is just envious of them. Grass is Greeer theory? I have been with Flex for a long while and Love it here.... There will always be something to bitch about, this is a job!! But management takes care of its crewmembers...